With us

Working with the Taxi Research Partners, offers one of the most exciting opportunities to develop research and application. Our partners experience satisfying and rewarding work through continual professional involvement, a vital personal development opportunity and undeniably challenging projects.
Our work takes place nationally and

internationally, with a wide range of North America, European, and Asian research projects completed to date.
Involvement can be on individual projects or with long term commitment to deliver outstanding research and analysis We welcome summary resumes at any stage and will advertise individual posts here. Send your resume to:

With us

Partnership allows the development of truly great projects. By working together and with common goals the Taxi Research Partners have developed and delivered ground breaking projects worldwide.
As a leading consultancy in your own right you will realise the opportunities and benefits of collaboration.

As a project partner, sub-contractor or project lead, your own experience will be vital in establishing and delivering on every level. The partners would be delighted to listen, learn and contribute to your thinking. Lead with the team to deliver on time and within budget.

With us

By working closely with the Taxi Research Network, and with international academic partners, the team is keen to pass on our learnings, our research and our enthusiasm. To date the taxi research partners have been active in delivering presentation and papers including the Transportation Research Board, US National Academies, the European Transport Conference and the International Association of Transportation Regulators.

Learning never stops and we would be delighted to host interns and research placements with us and in our partner university institutions.