Transport and Taxi Research Partners are at the forefront of taxicab, shuttle and airport ground transportation worldwide.

Our core staff are world experts in their fields, with decades of experience over three continents, our core staff and associates are ideally placed to provide informed, data rich and world leading analysis.

Transport and Taxi Research Partners has significant experience worldwide in delivering taxi studies at a city, regional and national level.

Our team members have delivered market reviews, demand studies, and economic evaluation for cities across North America, Europe and Asia; for cities, local authorities, national and federal governments.

Our projects have contributed to policy development, new and enhanced operating practice, and a new suite of analysis tools.

Our analyses include environmental impacts, cost and economic impacts, policy review, econometric modeling and GISbased analysis.

Our clients include: District of Columbia Taxicab Commission, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the Metropolitan Transit System San Diego, Dublin Airport, and cities including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Houston, Washington DC, Toronto, Perth, Aberdeen and Stirling; and for national and federal administrations in Ireland, Scotland, the US, Northern Ireland and the States of Jersey.

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Transport and Taxi Research Partners have a significant pedigree in delivering taxi market and airport ground transportation studies. In recent years we have extended our analysis to include reviews of the Transportation Network Company, reflecting the rapid development of taxi like services, smart-phone applications, and increasing innovation in the market for transportation.

Our Market Model has been developed specifically to identify the full range of impacts arising from the market development, recognizing both the speed and benefit of new technologies, and the regulatory challenges that these may create.

Transport and Taxi Research Partners have detailed experience in the operation of market analysis, modelling and surveying. Our portfolio includes:

  • Public surveys, including the use of tablet intercept, electronic and focus group analysis
  • Stated Preference Reviews
  • Econometric and Market Analyses
  • Traffic models and airport roadway analysis
  • Technology reviews, applications and vehicle systems
  • Cost models and fare analysis
  • Demand models and analysis of convenience and Necessity
  • Policy impacts assessment, policy review and recommendation

Airport Ground Transportation offers both unique challenges, but also unique opportunities in ensuring that the airport passenger, its staff and visitors are well served, with minimal delay, in appropriate, licensed high quality vehicles.

The airport environment often reflects a unique set of circumstances, allied to, but separate from the circumstances of the cities served. Airports do not necessarily sit within the authority areas of their cities, creating unique challenges to ensure that ground transportation, its control and enforcement meet the needs of the passenger. Challenges arise in the operational needs and traffic patterns of the airport curb, as with the handling of registered airport licensed vehicles, and those entering less frequently. New forms of passenger transportation, including TNCs also need be accommodated, raising questions of ground transportation conflicts, as well as the economics of passenger ground transport.

Transport and Taxi Research Partners provide advice on all aspects of Airport Ground Transportation, and have developed an Airport Ground Transportation model based on the assessment of a series of data analysis, public response and operational constraint. Transport and Taxi Research Partners can also provide benchmarking, survey development and analysis of different modes of ground transportation and assesses the airports needs. Our experience includes both European and North American projects successfully completed and implemented, and ongoing analysis arising from TNCs and RFP needs in the USA and Canada.

The development of GIS systems, and their use in transportation analyses has significantly enhanced the tools available to the analysis of transportation. GIS Transport Models (GIS-T) provide a direct map based references, improved accuracy in the assessment of locations point and area analysis.

The use of spatial locations also enhances the accuracy of data set correlation and review, localized impact assessment, and the ability to demonstrate complex impacts in a clear and understandable manner.

Transport and Taxi Research Partners GIS experience includes:

  • Taxi rank location modelling
  • Social impacts assessment, using ward and street based structures
  • Vehicle interaction and conflict assessment
  • Environmental impacts assessment

The provision of transport for all is a key tenet of planning, regulating and developing services. Legislation from the Americans with Disabilities Act, to the UK Disability Discrimination Acts, together with similar legislation worldwide have enshrined the concepts of access for decades, but continue to face challenges in delivery.

Our work addresses the real issues from our practical hands on experience in delivering accessible vehicles for all. Our work includes project planning, service design and vehicle specifications that have led to dramatic improvements in services offered. Our work includes social and economic impacts delivering sustainable accessible transit in Washington DC, alongside accessible services planned and designed from scratch; accessibility reviews for taxi commissions, engineering and transit designs in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

Our staff regularly contribute to accessible forums, advising accessibility panels in the USA, and EU. Our senior staff have served as directors to the Accessible Transport Forum, and panel members to the US, Irish, UK and Scottish Governments

Public Transportation can comprise a large number of differing vehicle types, forms of transport and exact definitions, from the city supported transit agency, to commercial and profit making bus and train companies. Our transit experience cover decades and includes landmark studies, specific analyses, and service design.

Our work supports the delivery of comprehensive transit plans that build on an understanding of the needs of a community, conurbation or settlement, through to the dynamics of sprawling development and the impacts of residential density. Projects include comprehensive local transport planning, transit density and urban development. Our principals have published widely on the development of transit friendly communities and optimization of transit delivery in the US, UK and Canada.

Our work includes detailed planning, economic and passenger response analysis, with specialist team members whose expertise include transport psychology, behavioral response and spatial analysis. Our projects delivered include work in Scotland, Ireland, the EU and the USA.

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