Dr. James M Cooper, Director, Lead Analyst
Economics, Social Aspects, Market Modeling

James is a Transport Economist and Econometician.

He has over twenty years of experience in transport analysis and research, and 15 years experience as an academic researcher.

His experience in the taxi analysis dates from 2003, and includes projects undertaken around the world. His recent work has included studies for the State of Nevada, the District of Columbia Department of For Hire Vehicles; Charlotte Douglas International Airport; Houston, TX; San Diego, CA, and Dublin Airport Authority; as well as National Governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Department for Transport and the Law Commission of England and Wales.

Chris is an attorney licensed to practice in California since 1989.

She served as a Deputy City Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco for 18 years. In that role she was involved in many complex legislative drafting projects, including the City’s overhaul of its procurement regulations and a complete revision of the municipal codes governing transportation.

Because of her involvement with drafting the Transportation Code, in 2008 she was asked to take over the newly created position of Director of Taxis and Accessible Services for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). She served in this capacity for six years. During her tenure the SFMTA completed a restructuring of its taxi medallion distribution system, mandated universal credit card acceptance, developed national standards for blind-accessible passenger information monitors and continuously updated San Francisco taxi regulations.

She also oversaw the City’s implementation of a new paratransit system based on electronic debit cards.

Christiane Hayashi, Regulatory Analyst
Regulatory Law

Brian Masson, Business Analyst
MAAS and Demand Responsive Transport

Brian Masson is a Transport Consultant and Business Improvement Specialist with over 40 years’ experience in Public Transport Sector. He provides specialist advice on many aspects of public transport systems and mobility management assisting Operators and Authorities throughout the world.

Over the past 17 years he has been involved in a number of high profile EC and Government-funded projects to develop and implement flexible transport systems, MAAS, Electric vehicles and infrastructure, journey planning systems and Bus Rapid Transit Networks in 25 countries. He was a member of the EU COST Project Buses with High Level of Service project and Transport Research Board (TRB, Washington DC) BRT, ITS, Paratransit Committees and Scientific Committee Member for TransED 2012 (Delhi). He is currently working on EU CIPTEC, NEWBITS, projects and a member of Eurotransport Magazine Advisory Board.

John is a former taxicab regulator in both San Diego and Washington DC with more than 25 years of experience.

He started his regulatory career as a traffic enforcement officer at the San Diego airport and, after a couple of years, moved on to the San Diego Metropolitian Transit Development Board as a taxicab vehicle inspector.

From there he worked his way up to the Taxicab Administration Manager. After 23 years he went to Washington DC to become Taxicab Chief of Operations. He spent more than 2 years in this position before leaving it for medical reasons.

John Scott, Operational Researcher
Vehicle Operations

Peter James Smilie, Technical Researcher
Electric Vehicles

PJ has a significant experience over the last 20 years in the development of Electric Vehicle technology vehicle design and roll out. He has supported business start ups, especially around EV's and their promotion, and involvement in projects throughout the UK, including the launch of the Nissan Leaf in Scotland. His work includes providing needs analysis and the introduction of EVs to the local authority fleet across Scotland, and in collaborative projects with the academic sector, including several universities involved in EV roll out in the UK, the Oxford partnership with the electric BMW Mini, and in the USA has participated in Transportation Research Board activities in the same area.

He maintains a critical knowledge of current EV's and their potential, with understanding of future possibilities, and demands.

Malcolm is a vehicle engineering research expert and academic.

His specialisms include analysis of vehicle environmental impact, alternative fuels and human engineering.

Malcolm has led placement work in Porsche and Daimler engineering, and has a unique insight into the application of new technologies to taxis and shuttles.

Malcolm provides a specialist inout to taxi and ground transportation projects, reviewing both the engineering and human aspects of supply.

He has contributed to Transport and Taxi Research projects in the USA and Europe.

Dr. Malcolm Usher, Technologies Analyst
Communications, Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Ray Mundy, Airport operations analyst
Airports, Operations

Ray is a widely recognized specialist in Taxicab transportation.

He has the dual roles as Director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and regular contributor to taxi studies.

He also has the unique qualification of serving as Executive Director for the Airport Ground Transportation Association and the editor of their monthly newsletter.

Through his work Ray brings personal knowledge of the practices of other airports around the world.

He has developed many of the technical tools that can be utilized to evaluate alternatives, increasing the opportunity for buy-in among stakeholders.

Chris is an expert operations and communications specialist with hands-on experience as taxi ground-transport manager in a major US airport.

His portfolio includes first hand experience in lobbying, advisory and operational matters.

In contributing to our Airport Ground Transportation projects, Chris’s unique first hand experience of the pressures of meeting demand give our team a unique advantage in understanding the minute by minute challenges faced by an airport, while his experience in taxi supply broadens and strengthens our research across all of our fields of analysis.

Chris Van Dyk, Taxi and TNC Operations Analyst
Communications, Regulatory Affairs

Giacomo Voss, Web Engineer
Technical and Communications

Giacomo is an IT and web development specialist.

He studied a B.Sc. in Information Technology at IT-Center in Dortmund, Germany and has worked there as Lead Web Developer ever since.

Giacomo is in charge of most of the technological setup to support the work of TRP. He also deals with the website and constant updates.